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Course Materials Buyback

What do I need to know?

Bring your student ID/ASB card (REQUIRED)


Return ALL materials that originally came with your books (CD's, student guides, etc.) on the day of buyback to receive the best possible price. Photo ID is required.

All buyback transactions require a valid VVC Student ID or VVC ASB Card.  We will not process transactions without your card so when you bring your books, don't forget your VVC ID/ASB Card.

What you should know about BuyBack!

The best time to sell your book back is at the end of the semester buyback. During this time you will receive the highest possible price for your book.

There are 6 factors that affect the price you will receive at buyback.

  1. The condition of the book (No books with broken spines, excessive marking or liquid damage will be purchased).

  2. The bookstore may be overstocked.

  3. The instructor has chosen to use this book.

  4. There is no national demand for your book.

  5. A new edition has been published.

  6. The instructor will not use this book or is undecided

When In-Store Buyback is not available, please visit Online Buyback